Alisia is described in the first person by its creator Sara: “I like the idea of associating the world of Alisia with the family. Each element that makes up our creations produces something unique, like my relationship with my children”.

The look is mainly focused on women who live intense lives, who fight for their dreams and desires, who work and love. Women who give themselves and get involved.

The brand guarantees authenticity, with the ethical concept of ecofriendly, formed by minimalist pieces that enchant with details and their unique characteristics.

Thanks to the handmade, the woman finds and displays all her power – after all, she can create and compose her own style, add or minimize, according to what she wants to transmit in her daily life, being singular in essence and plural in everything that can be experienced. Rings, earrings, necklaces & bracelets be ready to be amazed.

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Alisia, minimalist pieces that enchant with details.